My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers
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This book is filled with scripture verses using the alphabet A-Z, as a guide; basic sign language and daily prayers for self, family, military, country and others in society. It is intended to mould the young child’s mind with an understanding of God and praying, using short biblical verses and daily prayers, while learning letter sign language. There is also a declaration page, which you can personalize by placing a picture of your child or family, and pronouncing the blessing of God, upon their life. The book includes 20 fun inspirational stickers as a thank you gift for purchasing our book (while stocks last).

My Book of Bible Verses

Bishop/Pastor Wendell Frank

As a father and a pastor, I want to express my feelings on this book… My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers … I am so overwhelmed by this book that I make it my responsibility to teach my children personally. I don’t think the author could have done it better.

The bible verses and daily prayers make me remember my grandmother and all the spiritual values she instilled in me as a child. Those are the things which, helped me, to be the man I am today. A devoted father and preacher.

Introduce these books to your kids and you will not regret.

My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers

Mrs. Rachael Alexander-James – Teacher, B.Ed (Hons)

The title of the book encapsulates the content within the book. It is straightforward and lets the reader know beforehand exactly what the book entails.
The book cover is simple yet colourful enough to attract both child and adult. The large print fonts are accentuated with a mixture of modern and classical graphics.
The characters are fun, cute, lovable and inviting with a “childlike” persona, which motivates the reader to keep turning the pages.
The author’s style is simple and seeks to deliver God’s word to young readers in a format, which is simple and easy to understand
My favourite aspect is the incorporation and use of the sign language alphabet not only caters for the hearing-impaired readers but also inspires the kinaesthetic learners in addition to the average reader to utilize their hands (motor skills) which stimulates learning.
Kinaesthetic learning or tactile learning is a learning style whereby learning takes place by the use of physical movement.
This inspirational book allows children to understand their worth - not from the world's perspective, but from God's. The author succeeds in doing so by triggering their relational understanding based on real world examples and scenarios then connects these examples to Bible Verses, Prayers and Godly morals and values, which most adults grew up with and would in turn seek to impart onto children. For example, (Alexis, 2012) “Hello! My name is Willow and I ask God to give me a pure and kind heart and to help me share with others when I can….A few weeks later God grew these huge pumpkins, in my mom’s garden and I knew He blessed me so I can share with someone” (p.32).
This book should be in every classroom, library and home….a must read for both young and old…

“The US Review by Barbara Bamberger Scott”

“Praying is talking to God, the same way you talk to your best friend”

Author Alexis has combined artwork, Bible verses, sign language, and prayers to lead children toward enhanced, daily devotion. The book is divided into two sections. In the first, “My Bible Verses A to Z,” each letter of the alphabet is introduced by a character whose name begins with that letter. This part also includes a Bible verse starting with that letter, a hand sign for it, and a little speech from the character explaining how he or she understands and utilizes the biblical verse. In the second section, “Daily Prayers,” Alexis presents some standard offerings such as “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” along with ten prayers of her devising, such as “Prayer for Service Men and Women” and a “Single Parent Family” prayer.

The book concludes with a page for readers to place their picture and sign a simple declaration of faith.

Alexis, a children's tutor, demonstrates her appreciation for her young audience and her wish to help them learn through faith-based exercises. She believes, for example, that by seeing the signs for alphabet letters, children may be inspired to learn sign language. Her charming characters include children of different colors and nationalities, with names like Xander, Quinton, and Rachael, engaged in activities from eating fruit to playing a musical instrument. The predominant color throughout is a rich sky blue, with borders and decorations of flowers, butterflies, and an adorable trio of angels who accompany the prayers. The prayers offer a realistic slant, such as asking God to help “those sleeping on the street,” and an inclusive stance in a prayer for all children, “no matter the colour, creed or race.” The totality is both imaginative and educational, a delightful read-to that can later be personalised for more advanced readers.

A Timeless Spiritual Journey for All Ages

In-house review

I was immediately captivated when I opened "My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers" by Kathy Alexis. The title itself promises a spiritual journey, and the book delivers on that promise in spades.

The interior design is impeccable, with each page meticulously crafted to offer a serene and contemplative experience. The choice of fonts, the layout, the illustrations, and the subtle use of colors all contribute to an immersive and uplifting reading experience.

Kathy Alexis has curated a collection of Bible verses that resonate deeply, paired with daily prayers that speak to the soul. Each entry is not just a verse or a prayer; it's an invitation to reflect, to find solace, and to connect with a higher power. The author's profound understanding of scripture and ability to distill its essence into relatable and meaningful snippets is commendable.

One of the standout features of this book is the inclusion of sign language lessons. This innovative approach not only makes the book accessible to a wider audience but also adds a unique dimension to the spiritual journey, emphasizing the universality of faith and the importance of inclusivity.

What sets this book apart is its universal appeal. While it's evident that the book is crafted with children in mind, making it a delightful and engaging read for young souls, adults will find themselves learning and drawing inspiration from its pages as well. It's a testament to the author's skill that she has created a work that transcends age, resonating with both the young and the young at heart.

Whether you're a devout believer, a parent looking to introduce your child to the world of spirituality, or someone seeking spiritual guidance, there's something in this book for everyone. It's not just a book; it's a companion for those moments when you seek clarity, comfort, or a reminder of the divine.

In conclusion, "My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers" is worthy of a Gold rating. It's a beacon of light in a world that often seems chaotic. Kathy Alexis has crafted a masterpiece that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of many, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

The US Review of Books: Professional Book Reviews

Book review by Mihir Shah

"But until they believe with all their heart, their power will remain dormant. Teach them to release their power through FAITH!"

At the core of this work is the purity of prayer in its simplest form with an emphasis on expressing gratitude in each and every action. While it is undoubtedly suitable for all audiences, the budding young mind that is being exposed to millions of new stimuli in their lives stands to benefit the most from understanding the qualities that bring one closer to God.

A strong emphasis has been placed on communication and language, whether that is through sign language, stories, or even art. In Alexis’ work, the story revolves around Ms. Lily’s classroom, which is emblematic of all elementary classrooms, where the knowledge-seeking nature of kids is met with the intention of learning about the positive qualities that the Lord has imbued within mankind.

The piece opens up with a story about Lucas, a boy who, while enraged that he could not go to a concert, exclaims to his mom that he hates her, only to see her pass out in the next instant. From this mini anecdote, a realization dawns on Ms. Lily’s classroom of students: every action has consequences. What’s worse is that negative emotions often lead to things being said that are not truly meant, yet they leave an indelible mark on a relationship. Adults are hardly immune from this idea of saying things they don’t mean. On the contrary, it is more rampant as one gets older and is forced to be politically correct over being one’s authentic self.

The fusion of creative storytelling and resplendent, bright colors through art brings the classroom and all of the Sunday school students to life for the reader. What makes this narrative particularly intriguing is the simultaneous connection between a Bible verse and how the children enact it in their daily lives. With twenty-six children in the group, each child is assigned a verse that begins with the first letter of their name. Simple techniques like these add further engagement with audiences, especially younger ones who are thinking about their own name and a verse that could associate with them. In other words, there is a sense of accountability and direct connection that is present in this book that does not come across as the traditional form of preaching.

Whether it is Amanda letting her cup run over through her commitment to do chores and follow rules, Cindy’s care and tenderness toward plants, or Haley helping Flutter when the bird is in need of help, the author brings each of the complex scriptures into direct application, providing demonstrations of love being patient, love being kind, etc., in practice. A strong energy of love and light permeates the entire work, conveying the power prayer possesses to bring light into one’s life and create open lines of communication with God. Above all else, this story is Alexis’ blueprint for all audiences to experience the fruits of unyielding faith, and how even the darkest clouds of adversity can part ways for the sun to shine through and bring light into one’s life.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

My Book of Bible Verses

Ms Hazel Johnson Principal (Bright Horizon Preschool).

I must say a job well done. It will capture the mind of the users and just looking at the book it will grip your interest to look through it. This is exactly what I want the children to do 100%.