My Numbers Story Book
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This Numbers storybook is a teaching activity book, which includes a great deal of interactivity. It begins with the Numbers tree taking them on a journey with fun bright pictures, learning the numbers with sign language. Then onto Zero teaching the basic sign language numbers, then follows the story given by Wheeler and Bentley, the friendly cars; then Billy Bear and his sister Honey Bear, with more fun activities including coloring, dot to dot and simple games, which your child will love and enjoy The book includes 20 fun inspirational stickers as a thank you gift for purchasing our book (while stocks last).

My Alphabet Story Books

Mrs. Rachael Alexander-James – Teacher, B.Ed (Hons)

The title is straight forward and emits a personal touch of ownership by the reader (My Alphabet Story Book). The title is also quite enthralling to young readers indicating to them the inner content of the book before the book is opened.
The book consists of 73 pages separated into various sections. On opening the reader is immediately captivated by a fun and familiar pencil like character.
The book cover is simple yet colourful enough to attract both child and adult. The large print fonts are accentuated with a mixture of modern and cute graphics.
The reader is immediately captivated by the familiarity of characters from previous books by the author namely My Numbers Story Book. By reintroducing familiar and fun loving characters such as Bentley, Billy the Bear etc. immediately creates a level of comfort with the book and interest in its content.
The author’s style is simple and seeks to deliver a variety of lessons with the basis of letter recognition. In addition to valuable life lessons and stories from the bible.
My favourite aspect of this book is the incorporation and use of the sign language which not only caters for the hearing impaired readers but also inspires the kinaesthetic learners in addition to the average learner to utilize their hands (motor skills) which stimulates learning.
Kinaesthetic learning or tactile learning is a learning style whereby learning takes place by the use of physical movement.
Readers are taken on a journey as each section of the book builds upon the previous section introducing and taking young learners through various aspects of letter identification, sign language associated with letters, letter related activities etc.
This book should be in every classroom, library and home…. Should be utilized alongside My Numbers Story Book by the same author….a must read for young learners

My Numbers & My Alphabet Story Book

Ms. D. Peters – Infants teacher

I will recommend these books to all with young children. As a teacher, learning the numbers or letters, is the first step in any young one’s life. I really enjoyed practicing the sign language with my children, it was fun happy reading.
These books will help your young ones to fully comprehend their numbers and letters.

Andra Madoo-Asgarali.

Andra Madoo-Asgarali.

Great use of vibrant colours, large font, graphics and sign language. This book is kid friendly and the use of characters are great. Content is simple and I think that this simplicity will make it easier for the learner/reader to learn the numbers.
I like the fact that this books caters for VARK...visual learners with the use of bright colours, sign language, graphics and large font...Auditory by sounding numbers... Reading and Writing...with the tracing aspect of the lessons and the Kinesthetic with the physical movement when doing sign language.
The book is well laid out, with each section/lesson building upon each other. I like that there is continuity with the content and concept. This book is great for introducing kids to numbers.
The activities are fun and engaging.

My Numbers Story Book


General Overview There are nowhere near enough books like this one! Alexis should be saluted, for encouraging hearing children to learn sign language; deaf and hard-of-hearing children are always delighted when they can communicate with a hearing child. Charming, surprisingly comprehensive and fun. The art is altogether delightful, bright and happy. Voice is nicely kid-friendly. This is not just a storybook or a counting book or a colouring book. It is a teaching activity book, that includes a great deal of interactivity. Wonderful! The Note to Parents is well conceived. In the story, the spot art of the characters is a great idea.
I worked in academic publishing for over fifteen years, so I’ve worked on hundreds of children’s books. Your concept is great; in fact, it should have occurred to me to write this. And, because my own son is hard-of-hearing, your project is very dear to my heart.

My Numbers & My Alphabet Story Book

Ms Hazel Johnson Principal (Bright Horizon Preschool).

I must say a job well done. It will capture the mind of the users and just looking at the book it will grip your interest to look through it. This is exactly what I want the children to do 100%.