My Alphabet Story Book
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This Alphabet storybook is a teaching activity book, which includes a great deal of interactivity. It begins with the Alphabet tree taking them on a journey with fun bright pictures, learning the alphabet with sign language. Then onto Zero teaching the basic sign language letters, then follows the story given by Bentley, the friendly car; then Billy Bear and his sister Honey Bear, with more fun activities including coloring, dot to dot and simple games, which your child will love and enjoy The book includes 20 fun inspirational stickers as a thank you gift for purchasing our book (while stocks last).

My Alphabet Story Book


This fun and education guide tells the story of Isabella and her adventures as she learned about Noah’s ark. This beautifully illustrated piece features interactive activities to teach children the alphabet. Also included is the sign language corresponding to each letter. This is a great tool to encourage education in many forms. The illustrations are fun, colorful and vibrant—a surefire way to grab hold of the attention of the young reader. The author aptly uses a narration style full of vocabulary geared toward a young audience. The author equally communicates with an enthusiasm that make the book fun to read. The story maintains a natural flow. The author introduces and explains related characters and events so the reader can follow the story.

Andra Madoo-Asgarali.

High School Sch. Teacher, B.A (Hons) in Linguistics, Literature and Education.

Great use of vibrant colours, large font, graphics and sign language. This book is kid friendly and the use of characters are great. I like that there is a continuity with the use of characters in both the alphabet and numbers books. Content is simple and I think that this simplicity will make it easier for the learner/reader to learn the letters.
I like the fact that this books cater for VARK...visual learners with the use of bright colours, sign language, graphics and large font...Auditory by sounding letters... Reading and Writing...with the tracing aspect of the lessons and the Kinesthetic with the physical movement when doing sign language.
The book is well laid out, with each section/lesson building upon each other. I like that there is continuity with the content and concept. This book is great for introducing kids to the alphabet.

My Alphabet Story Book

Ms Hazel Johnson Principal (Bright Horizon Preschool).

I must say a job well done. It will capture the mind of the users and just looking at the book it will grip your interest to look through it. This is exactly what I want the children to do 100%.