English : Days Months Time Ruler
PRICE: $4.50

The Idea behind the 3D Inspirational Rulers: In creating the 3D Inspirational Rulers, I thought about how most children play with their rulers, so the idea was…while children are playing with these rulers, they can learn a few basics in the different subject areas and have an inspirational quote and scripture to remind them that they are special and can reach their goals. Sometimes students do not always remember information in text; these rulers, provide a fun way for children to learn and test each other on the subject matter printed on the rulers. These 3D rulers are bendable and durable. They are made with quality PET material and each has a print of our Blue Diamond logo. You can choose your favourite from among twenty-eight (28) rulers, each with a variety of colours and subject matter with inspirational messages, quotes and scripture verses for all ages. The front of the ruler contains the different subject matter such as the alphabet with vowels, numbers 1-20, colours & shapes, arithmetic symbols, roman numerals and much more. The back of the ruler contains the centimeters and inches along with uplifting messages, quotes and scripture verses. This is a great gift for all ages and can be used as bookmarkers, tokens for gift bags and/ or souvenirs.